A sudden onset of neurological incidence might indicate a neurological emergency. Therefore we strongly recommend visiting the emergency room of the nearest hospital.

Phone number: 144

Only in a hospital the neccessary diagnostics – especially concerning imaging – are available.

Do not lose time, because: „Time is brain!“

Another recommendation: Always take a list with yourself with essential medical information:
–  Previous diseases
–  Medication
–  Allergies

It helps saving time!



Live consciously:

On the occasion of the 01. Movembers, this post reminds you of the topic “Live consciously!” from 2018. At that time – 3 years ago – the purpose of the donation was “MOSES”, a modular training system for people with epilepsy. In addition, a preview of the following lectures was given … including “gait disorders”, “visual disorders” …


The radio report explains various facets of the area of “epilepsy”. He treats … a.) … the two age peaks: childhood (more likely due to predisposition) and older age (due to acquired brain damage) b.) … the responsibility for the treatment: pediatrician or (from 18 years) neurologist c.) … different types of seizures: focal or generalized seizures d.) … that an epileptic fit is not synonymous with the diagnosis “epilepsy”. e.) … the heterogeneity of the seizure “features”: fixed gaze, motoric utterances, … f.) … the components of diagnostics: clarification of the circumstances of the seizure, blood sampling, head imaging, EEG, g.) … Circumstances that favor the occurrence of an epileptic seizure (“occasional seizure”, provoked seizure). h.) … the goal of therapy: freedom from seizures i.) … the therapy principles and options: if possible, drug monotherapy, then combination therapy, possible options / weighing up with regard to epilepsy surgery j.) … that (sometimes occurring) stigmatization is completely unfounded.

Healing thoughts:

The theme of my Movember 2020 campaign was “Healing Thoughts”. This topic was already determined before the corona pandemic and was adapted to the situation on my part. It is now not only about corona measures (keeping your distance, using face and nose protection, washing your hands), but also about: O having check-ups and preventive examinations O maintaining contacts (by phone or similar), avoiding loneliness O eating , Drink, sleep and exercise 😉


The earlier radio report “Headache” fits in well with the Movember 2021 theme: “Keep a cool head!”. Different types of headache are addressed, some of which can already be found in more detailed videos from APEXMED. The live lecture originally planned for Movember 2021 will probably be canceled again … which is why the decision about a “YouTube channel” made almost a year ago has shown itself to be particularly useful.


This earlier telephone interview on the subject of “migraines” fits in well with the Movember 2021 topic: “Headache” or “Keep a cool head”. There is also a video on the subject of “migraines”.


In the radio interview “Stroke”, rapid reaction is emphasized as very important: “Time is Brain” = time means brain tissue. The causes of a stroke can affect different components – comparable to the irrigation of an oasis in the desert: the pump, the pipes and the fluid ie the heart, the vessels and the blood. Stroke symptoms can be very different due to the different vascular territories that come into question, for example hemiplegia, speech disorder, visual disturbance, dizziness, etc. Through a quick hospital / emergency doctor contact, a lysis (= medication to dissolve the clogging clot) may or may be administered after imaging a helpful intervention ensued. Subsequently, the focus is on finding the cause and rehabilitation. The risk of stroke can be reduced through preventive examinations with early detection and treatment of problems or risk factors.

Numbness in the hands:

This radio report has similarities and overlaps with the video reports “Tingling in the hands” and “Carpal tunnel syndrome”.


This radio report is very similar to the video that is also offered.

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