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Bei aktuell plötzlich aufgetretenen „akuten“ neurologischen Beschwerden ist der sofortige Transfer ins Krankenhaus indiziert!

Telefon der Rettung: 144

Nur im Krankenhaus stehen die notwendigen diagnostischen Möglichkeiten – insbesondere bezüglich Bildgebung – zur Verfügung.

Keine Zeit verlieren, denn: „Time is brain!“

Zudem empfiehlt es sich stets eine Liste mit folgenden wesentlichen Gesundheitsinformationen dabeizuhaben:
  -  Vorerkrankungen
  -  aktuelle Medikation
  -  evtl. Allergien

Das spart im Notfall kostbare Zeit!


"Wahlarzt-Ordination" (private practice) for neurological complaints

We offer neurological consultation and advice - ambulatory & on short notice!

"Wahlarzt-Ordination“ means there are no contracts between us and any health insurance company. So you have to pay us directly (cash, ec-card, credit card, transfer) and send the bill to your health insurance company. You have to know that in most cases you will not be refunded 100% by a general health insurance.

Our team has plenty of time for patients – more time than other doctors can afford … that’s why a “Wahlarzt-Ordination” might be a little more expensive.

Broad spectrum

We offer you the broad experience spectrum of a neurological practice.

„Neurological problems“ can manifest themselves as:

  • Pain and headache
  • Sight disorder
  • Language and speech disorder
  • Numbness or „pins & needles“
  • Palsy or weakness
  • Coordination disturbances and tremor
  • Vertigo and gait abnormality
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Disorders of consciousness
  • Sleep disorders

Our team will be happy to advise and to furthermore help you with frequent problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathy and stroke prophylaxis.


In addition to the very essential preliminary conversation and neurological examination, our practice team have experience with the following diagnostic tools:

  • Electroneurography (ENG) and Electromyography (EMG)
  • Electroencephalography (EEG)
  • Doppler-/Duplexsonography
  • Polygraphy (Screening of sleep)


First of all: suddenly emerging, acute neurological symptoms are to be treated as an emergency! Visit the next hospital immediately!

APEXMED is your advisor for health issues in the neurological field, and we also take psychological and social interactions into account.

Together we take care of your well-being and your health. However, implementation of therapy ultimately depends on you. Interest in your own body and its main functions is helpful.


We gladly advise you personally and recommend further reading upon request.

We furthermore recommend visiting our regular free information events concerning various neurological topics.

Telefon: +43-662-634 634
Fax: +43-662-634 634-4
E-Mail: info@apexmed.at

09 - 15 h

Alternative Termine möglich.Telefonische Vereinbarung notwendig.