Bei aktuell plötzlich aufgetretenen „akuten“ neurologischen Beschwerden ist der sofortige Transfer ins Krankenhaus indiziert!

Telefon der Rettung: 144

Nur im Krankenhaus stehen die notwendigen diagnostischen Möglichkeiten – insbesondere bezüglich Bildgebung – zur Verfügung.

Keine Zeit verlieren, denn: „Time is brain!“

Zudem empfiehlt es sich stets eine Liste mit folgenden wesentlichen Gesundheitsinformationen dabeizuhaben:
–  Vorerkrankungen
–  aktuelle Medikation
–  evtl. Allergien

Das spart im Notfall kostbare Zeit!

Ordination APEXMED

Team of the Salzburg neurology practice


We are one Elective doctor ordination for neurology in Salzburg.

“Elective doctor ordination” means that there are no contracts between us and a health insurance company. Accordingly, you first pay our fee yourself and then submit the invoice to your health insurance company.

Please note that a general health insurance usually does not reimburse you for 100% of the costs incurred by your chosen doctor.
Doctors of choice want to be able to devote more time to their patients than is usually possible for statutory health insurance doctors … so it stands to reason that they are a bit more expensive.

Petra Dollmann

Secretary & Doctor’s Assistant

Reception, support, correspondence and accounting

Conny Ottino

Certified health nurse (DGKS)

Care and EEG assistance


by Dr. Dr. Christian Porsche

1994-2001Study of human medicine at the Free University and Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany Experience abroad in South Africa, USA and England. 05/2002 Doctorate in medicine (Dr. med.): „Telomerase activity in malignant and benign kidney tumors“
2001 – 2006MD / PhD program in Würzburg, GermanyBiology postgraduate studies and obtaining the license to practice medicine2003 – 2006 Research activity in a neurobiological laboratory03 / 2007 Doctorate in biology (Dr. rer. Nat.): “Neuronal plasticity in the mouse hippocampus: the role of neurotrophins and cytokines „
2007-2013Training as a specialist in neurology 2007 – 2010 assistant doctor in neurology at the university clinics in Würzburg and Erlangen, both in Germany 2010 – 2011 assistant doctor in the teaching practice for neurology with Dr. Bernd Pommer in Zell am See, Austria 2011 – 2012 Assistant doctor in neurology at the Christian Doppler Clinic in Salzburg and internal medicine in Hallein, both Austria 04/2013 specialist in neurology
2013 – 2018Specialist in neurology at the Christian Doppler Clinic, Salzburg Optimization of the diagnostic area: electroencephalography (EEG), electroneurography (ENG) and electromyography (EMG) Doppler / duplex sonography
from 2015Own ordination „APEXMED“

Ordination times

Monday – Friday9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Alternative dates are possible.
Telephone agreement required.


First of all: In the case of „acute“ neurological complaints that have suddenly appeared, this is one emergency ! Immediate transfer to the hospital is indicated!

We see ourselves as your neurological „advisor“ on health issues with an additional focus on psychological and social relationships.
Consultant means on the one hand: We have the same goal, namely your well-being and your health!
On the other hand, a consultant means: you are yourself mainly responsible for your treatment and therapy.

It would be desirable that you are also interested in your body and want to be informed about (essential) processes.
As a neurological specialist practice, we will be happy to advise and inform you personally about the problem that is relevant to you, or we can recommend suitable further literature on request.

In addition, we regularly offer you free Information events on various topics from the world of neurology.

You can also get a first impression of the various symptoms and diagnoses at home with our information videos.


Who doesn’t know: MO-vember is a compound word from „Mustache“ and „November“.

The campaign comes from Australia, is very successful worldwide and aims to draw attention to the topic of „health care“ by growing a mustache in November. When it was founded in Adelaide in 1999, the specific goal was to encourage older men to take precautionary measures to prevent prostate cancer.

Personally, I’ve been growing a Mustache every November since 2012, but the topics vary every year. So it is more interesting and women also have a greater share in the action – as experience shows that „growing a beard“ is usually more difficult for them than it is for us men.

There is also an explanatory video … each with a suitable „Movember lecture“ … and the voluntary opportunity to donate to a good cause.